That's Mr. Holmes to you. (sherlockholmes) wrote in sherlockstills,
That's Mr. Holmes to you.

Challenge 60: Odd Couples!

Are you a closet Henry Knight/Mycroft shipper? How about John Watson and Molly Hooper? Do you feel like there just aren't enough Irene/Moriarty icons on the internet? well this is the contest for you!

The idea here is to promote the ships that don't get a lot of face time. You can do any couple you like, but make things a little bit zany! Have fun with it!

You may submit up to 5 icons.
> Still icons only.
> Your icon must meet LJ standards. (100x100p./40k.)
> Your icon has to be new and can not be posted anywhere else until voting is over.
> Submit Icons here with Images and URL/link please
You may use any images of that's you like :).
Icons MUST be of TWO characters. (Any two characters!)
> Any questions, comments, concerns? Let me know.

Deadline: Thursday, June 21th, MIDNIGHT GMT (LONDON TIME).
Tags: !challenge, challenge 60
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